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MATH 1405-02 Trigonometry, Fall 2004


Course:                 Math 1405-02 Trigonometry 

                MWF 11:00-11:50 in BU-304

Textbook:              A Trigonometry (a graphing approach), 4th edition, Ron Larson


Instructor:            Tsend-ajush Batmunkh

Office:                    Ross Hall 310

Home phone:         307-766-4783


Web Page:   


Office hours:        WF 12:00-12.50 and by appointment

Mathlab:                Monday 12:00-1:00, 2:00-3:00

Grading:                3 Semester exams 40%                        (Sept 30, Oct 28, Dec 2)

                                1 Final exam                           20%                        (Dec 14)

                                Gateway                                 10%                        (twice weekly)

                                HW, Quizzes                         30%                       


Gateway exam:  (exam samples)

The Algebra Gateway exam consists (twice weekly) of 10 problems. If you pass you get the full 10% toward your grade.


Exams and Final: During the semester, we will have 3 semester exams and 1 Final exam. The dates for the exams are: Exam 1 (Sept 30, Chapter P, 7), Exam 2 (Oct 28, Chapter 1), and Exam 3 (Dec 2, Chapters 2, 3). The final exam (Chapters P, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, 7) will be on Tuesday, December 14 from 1:15-3:15.


HW, quizzes:        Math is learned by doing, the best way to master is to practice and you need to do homework to be successful in the class.

Homework will be assigned at each lecture and practice as much as you need. Most homework problems are found in the syllabus. Please do not copy anyone else’s work directly. You should strive to explain as well as possible your solution in writing, not only put the final result on paper. This will increase your chance of getting a better grade even if your final result is incorrect. You will be able to make revisions on correctness of your homework. The two lowest scores will be dropped at the end of semester.


We will have a short quiz at the end of class every Wednesday about 15 minutes. Each quiz will consist of between 1 and 3 questions over material covered in class during the week.


Attendance:           Being in class and prepared is crucial to doing well in this course. If you should miss class e-mail me or a classmate to find out what homework or announcements you missed.


Course Description:           We will cover the all chapters (except chapter 5) of the text. We will discuss about real and complex numbers, Cartesian plane and polar coordinates, solving linear, nonlinear and trigonometric equations, inverse functions, graphs, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, law of Sines and Cosines and vectors.



The information contained herein is tentative. If the instructor finds that changes are necessary, they will be announced.


Math graduate student: Batmunkh

30. Aug.2004



© 2004 Batmunkh.Ts