Great Genghis Khan (1162-1227)
Mongol Empire 800 (1206-2006)
Мөнх Хөх Тэнгэрийн Хүчин Дор Аюутугай Биширтүгэй


Women in a boqtaq
Genghis Stone XII centureChingis Khaan Statue







Алд Бие мину Алжааваас алжаатугай
Ахуй Төр мину Бүү алдартугай.
Чингис Хаан

Who is Genghis Khan?
Arabian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, Hungarian, Indian? They have different portraits.
It is right. He united whole world.
In the world, there is only one Sun
In the world, there was only one Genghis

He was born in Mongolia. 

His son Ugeedei Khan created Harhorum was the center of the World 

His grandson Batu Khan created great Golden Horde Empire in Russia for 200 years

Genghis Khan's grandson Hublai, Great Khan of Yuan Empire, conquered all China



WE are Mongolians so proud to be Mongolians

Golden Horde in Russia
Mongols, descendant of Hun Empire, Attila the Huns

He was born on Ger and the Golden saddle of the MOngolian loving horse . He died on the golden saddle