Mongolian 4-H activities




Mongolian 4-H is open to youths ages 8 to 18.
Mongolian 4-H teaches life skills that last for a lifetime

Mongolian 4-H develops skills
by helping young people acquire self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, confidence, the ability to set goals, communication tools, and a better understanding of themselves and others.

Projects : computer science, technology, photography, environmental science, reading and math, art work, raising animals and flowers, cooking, and mort activities

Educational events and training : exhibits and fair, camping, training
courses of developing leadership, citizenship, and life-skills

Training programs for members & leaders
Field trips, urban-rural youth exchange, leadership training, volunteer training

International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE)
Overseas training in the advanced countries for 4-H members, leaders, students, and volunteers

Membership Meetings :
Annual general assembly, monthly meeting, a ceremony for new members, and so on. Meetings are lead by older youth and/or adult volunteers and generally meet one or more times a month.






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