Pi in the Sky  ((by John Barrow)
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 The Zero.  The Zero. The Zero. Emptiness

Mongolian Mathematicians in the Mongolian Sky

New planet of our Solar system is discovered.

Human beings have been dreaming about the Sun and the Moon.

This picture is originally from Mongolia. In ancient time hunters and people had Dream and Big Dream.

One men was flying to the Sun using his two hands like the Wings.

Deer stone monuments before more than 4000 years in Mongolia. Bow and Arrow, Horse and Camel, Sun and Moon. There are too many secret writings about Future.

Ancient Mongolian monuments. Wolf with Deer. Genghis Haan's origin was Gray Wolf and Brown Deer.
Ancient scripts and markings related to the Runi script Mongolian culture. 

Ooh. How ancient people were so Wise men using stone knife to survive in the World before 100 000-40 000 years ago in Mongolia.

Hurel Hazaaryn chimee Hanginanhan noirsoj baina. Hamag Mongolyn ers Hatirch moridoo zuudelj baina.
Bronze bridle (curb) for the mongolian beloved HORSES. They love only horses. This bridle was found in 1949, in the Jaraahai Toiny Honhor, Arhangai, Erdenemandal, Han-Oyut, Hunnu Gol, Mongolia by great mongolian archeologist Ts.Dorjsuren
Ц. Доржсүрэн (1923-1994).This is very rare bridle tells us more than 4000 years old history.

 The Zero.  The Zero. The Zero. Magnificent discovery for Human beings. Numbers, Letters and so on. There are the figures similar our old Mongolian script, Mongol bichig, and Numbers like Roman... Imagine that. I  can not believe it. Mongolian, we have to love and discover our country. There is a such a beauty of Universe. The figure of Human and Eagle, the number, ...   

They counted how many Deers. The shape of old Mongolian script which we still call Uigar alphabit, is originated by Deer Horn. Once upon a time, there is Deer Empire (Bugan uls) in Mongolia from Baigal Sea until Mongolian Gobi Decert and until Altai Mountains. This was the origin of Genghis Khan and Mongolia. Read, Read and Read the Secret History of the Mongols.

Two humped CAMEL with so Big Tale. Once upon a time, the camel had beautiful horn of Deer and big tale of Cow. The Deer borrowed his Horn. And until this time, when camel drink water, he thinks and waits for his Horn. From the mongolian ancient tales...

Modern car using Horses. Still, Mongolian nomads use this wagon called Uher tereg (Cow cart). I respect modern Mongolian herdsmen and horsemen. Only you are saving the Mongolia. So, so, so Brave and Kind people. This picture age is very close to unknown Sumer-Babylonian culture. Dharma, Buddhist symbol is related to the Mongolian Shamanism.

My birthplace, Arhangai, Hunnu gol. This is my childhood's toys with Sun and Moon. Symmetry is the Beauty of the World. Deer Stone. Deer Stone. Soel of ancient generation.

Chihiny chimeg bolson Ayalgyy saihan mongol hel. Chin zorigt uvgediin mini uv ih erdene.
It is Mongolian old script. The Horn of Deer keeps the secret History from ancient time. Mongolian old script writes from Top to the Bottom. This script has interesting laws. Mongol bichig, the number of ONE is here. Eye means Sun and Moon. In 200BC, Khaan of Hunnu empire, Modun haan had a custom to bow three times for the Sun and Moon. The religion was called Buu, Shamanism. But it is still the philosophy of loving the Nature. Huvsgel and Baigal lake.

My beloved Mongolian script.

 Munh tengeriin huchin Suu zali ih Munh haan.
Under the eternal blue sky, the wise king Munh Haan. He sent letters to the King and Pope of French and Roman.

That is the whole philosophy of Mongolian how they protected and were powerful. Everything, also Mongolian history is the history of outside world. We, Mongols did not study our history until this time. Such a sad. Time is coming back. Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabian, Turkish and so on. They call Genghis khan is theirs.
In the world, there is only one Sun.  

From the book T.Sanjmyatav. Arhangai aimgiin nutag dahi ertnii tuuh soyolyn dursgal. Mongolia.


From the book Ch.Erdene. Ih Gurvaljin. Big Triangle.
Right side: Pictures of French monuments and Picaso.
Left side. In mongolia, there is secret cave of Hoid Tsenher having too many famous paintings from ancient time.


Haos (in Mongolian Hooson, Has, Hos). Is there any relationship with this name. Who knows. He compared many markings with mongolian figures. Ch.Erdene, he is almost new minded man in Mongolia. How he can write Principia Mathematica in volumes in English explaining Unified Theory. He called it. But he has no power since he is mongolian.

The world history begins in Sumer. His book connected with this history.
Mongolians used from ancient time the number with base 6. Archeologist Navaan, he found 60 sheep-ancle-bone-game from Hunnu child's grave.
Mongolians liked number two (philosophy of inverses), three (philosophy of unification), and five (the philosophy of five elements). 3*4*5=60.

B.Rinchen. Most famous scientist in Mongolia. He was born in the year 1905 which is Einstein discovered his Relative theory.
B.Rinchen, he studied about Shamanism in Mongolia.
Ravjaa, the Great and Horrible Saint of the Gobi, born in 1803, famous with his tellings about
Emptiness. When he was 6 years, he said for his Master,
When clouds born and comes rain, there is no difference between door and window
When evil comes and man dies, there is no difference between young and old. 


Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford.
(about mongolian history, New-York bestseller)

Pi in the Sky by John Barrow
(about world math history and mentioned about mongolian number)