The UNESCO/UNICEF Monitoring Learning Achievement Project (MLA) 1999-2000
Ministry of Science, Technology, Education, and Culture, (MOSTEC), Mongolia



Monitoring Learning Achievement” (MLA) Project which is launched in more than 20 countries around the world, is one of the specific attempts in achieving “Education For All” goals. The MLA project is initiated, guided and assisted by UNESCO/UNICEF.  

The UNESCO/UNICEF Monitoring Learning Achievement Project (MLA) is based on the premise that a systematic mechanism for monitoring student learning is essential to the improvement of the quality of basic education. 

In Mongolia, the MLA project aims to establish and sustain a monitoring culture through capacity building to improve the performance of the educational system.   The main importance of this study is to create the evaluation indicators of Education for All.  

The project began in May 1999 a survey to study the basic competence level of children of grade 4. The project had been organized in two steps at the levels of primary and basic education. The assessment covered a sample of 2545 pupils of 4th grade and 2680 pupils of 8th grade. Over 400 people have participated in this project.

Within the framework of the project, two seminars have been organized. As a result of the project it has become possible to identify the relationship between learning achievement and the pupils’ family, school and their own environments. The findings will contribute to the improvement of primary and basic education’s curricula, education standards, teaching methodology, and teacher training.

All those who took part in the monitoring activities have benefited much from the project. They learned the skills to elaborate the survey questionnaires and tests, organize the actual monitoring, collect and evaluate the data and apply the results in practice.

 I have the pleasure to introduce the national report “Monitoring Learning Achievement”.  

In the future, MOSTEC is interested in widening and implementing this study in the pre-primary and non-formal education sector. 

 Thank you for all support and promotion from international organizations, which made the “Monitoring Learning Achievement Project” possible in Mongolia, and everybody who participated in the activity.



National Coordinator for Monitoring Learning Achievement Project

Director of Policy Implementation and Coordination Department



REPORT: Monitoring Learning Achievement 4th and 8th Grade

Report Book1: Monitoring Learning Achievement 4th grade

Report Book 2: Monitoring Learning Achievement 8th grade

Data correction entries, Statistical analysis, Book Report Analysis in English and Mongolian by Ts.Batmunkh